The Creator

Guendalina Perusset-Dell’Olio is a well-known professional in the exclusive world of luxurious jewellery.

Graduate Gemologist of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in London, she has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and has had the opportunity and privilege to work with some of the finest jewelers and watch makers such as Bvlgari “the creative”, De Grisogono “the visionary” and Cartier “the elite”.

Today Guendalina is keen to share her passion for fine and precious stones which is how G for gems was born. With her passion and knowledge of stones, minerals and gems she brings to her clients the best the world has to offer.


The Concept

G for gems was born from the inspiration of a creative gemmologist, Gwendalina. The story started with a passion: the love of stones. Precious or fine they always facinated mankind thoughout the times.

G for gems wanted to elevate their beauty and bring under the spot light, and to a wider audience, their energy and virtues.

Pairing stones according to their powers, G for gems offers boxes of 4 stones, for the 12 signs of the zodiac or for specific themes. The wellness boxes are pre-set or can be customised, small pouches with one or more stones can be carried everywhere, the idea is to offer our loved ones energy and virtues. A delightful gesture, personalised for each occasion – birth, wedding, anniversary or as a corporate gift.


For the love of stones...

For a long time human kind has used stones for its wellness. In ancient Egypt some stones were considered sacred. Today the idea that a stone could influence our moods and health faces scepticism. But if we explain to someone how a stone, like a plant, has a colour, a shape and a chemical composition, in one word it is „alive“ it is easier to see how it can emanate something very unique.


These stones that fascinate us...

Stones and minerals are part of what helped create our planet Earth. They are the components found in rocks, soil, and environment and are part of the foundation of our lives. All that grows need mineral components, as they are solid and natural chemical compounds, with molecules that fit together in an organised and repetitive way. They are classified according to their chemical composition and their structure. To this day over 4000 different minerals have been discovered. Each mineral has its own properties and a typical shape governed by given laws.

Since prehistoric times, stones have been part of Men’s everyday lives in the shape of tools or for religious purposes (statuettes of divinities or amulets). May have it been for the Mayas or Aztecs, in Egypt, in China, during the Greek or Roman antiquity, stones and minerals have been used to build temples, statues, worn as jewellery, used for their physical or psychological properties. Men realised early on that some stones would stand out due to their unusual shape, colour, brightness, glare and particular shimmer. They played the roles of talisman; they were associated to the months of the year, to planets and to zodiac signs.

Men were always convinced that each stones had special powers and were able to transfer these powers to whomever owned them.


Why the dragonfly


Symbol of the brand, the dragonfly represents revival.

Elegant and refined, it is synonymous of strength and bravery in many cultures and characterises as well the wisdom of metamorphosis. Delicately placed on each G for gems boxes, the dragonfly takes us on an adventure, discovering some of the most beautiful fine stones as an invitation to dream, a hyphen between beauty and empiricism. Like acidulated coloured sweets the stones bring a note of softness, a touch of lightness, a light dream in our lives.

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